rule 34 Fiorayne porn – (Monster Hunter Hentai set)

Enjoy Rule 34 Fiorayne. Chivalry in Monster Hunter is quite a rare trait. Fiorayne spent a lot of time training under the Order, slowly climbing the ladder to second in command. Yet it’s not a single power or rank that can dispel her loneliness. Only love and lust. This quest for relief is what we see in Rule 34 Fiorayne, where she can find comfort both in hands of other companion monster hunters and brutish monsters.

Character description

Fiorayne is young woman knight from Monster Hunter Rise. Her standard armor consists of a breastplate, gauntlets, single golden left shoulder pad and kneepads. Under her armor, she wears a stylish gambeson, white pants, and a red cape.  Her short curly hair can be identified as a subtype of the Hime Cut hairstyle. This iconic appearance is also used in practically every rule 34 Fiorayne or porn with her involvement. She is sometimes depicted with her sister Rondine the Trader. They have a similar facial style and other characteristics that make it easy to guess they are related. She received her knighthood under the supervision of the Knights of the Royal Order and is second in command at the time of the game. This of course does not make her any less lonely, which is the backstory of every Fiorayne hentai and rule 34.

Fiorayne’s Preferences

The game doesn’t tell us directly whether she’s interested in women or men. Maybe in all of them. In rule 34, she jumps on a men 99% of the time. Her fetishes are also not revealed, but in general it’s not hard to guess from reading her skills. Fiorayne have Agitator skill (it can as well as the usual conversations in bed, as insults or motivational speeches about how good a lover is), Flinch Free (Rough sex) and Power Prolonger (Long sex sessions).

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