About us

We, like all 90s anime fans, grew up in a time when content of interest was not widely available. During that time, it was hard to find a decent series, so we watched what we could get our hands on. With the advent of a new era, things have changed places. Now there is a lot of content available on the internet, but we now don’t have the time to choose the right content for ourselves. And that’s where Hot Pics comes in. We manually select the right hentai images for the categories that users are interested in.

To clarify, we are not competing for the right to be the best hosting for rule 34 or porn. Our main goal is to be a unique and convenient place to get adult content. Unlike some other hentai websites, We are very loyal to DMCA claims, as we hold the author’s right to choose sacred. With sufficient justification, we remove content that violates the rights of the artist in question. We also have zero tolerance for illegal content or content that borders on the grey area.

Our team

We are Jacob, Alexander, and Illian, the driving force behind Hot Pics. Our story began years ago when we first crossed paths in a workplace, united by a shared vision to create something unique. It was during one of our late-night brainstorming sessions that the idea for Hot Pics was born. To date, this is a small project that aims to be a nice adult website that will be updated either on a daily or weekly basis.

Fun Fact

Jacob is practicing his pixel art skills, check out our “photo” of his design.

(I’m not nearly look happy like that, Jacob.)

Your feedback matters

We are working together to improve the site to make it more user-friendly than ever. To do this, we need your feedback first and foremost. If you have a need to give us your thoughts on Hot Pics or even about your hard day, please write to our secret email: